Hail is one of the most devastating challenges a farmer can face.  My 2011 crop was hailed on in July . . . TWICE!  It broke my spirit and stole my high hopes for a time (it had a shot to be 190 to 200 bushel corn) and I quit blogging.  Year 1 on the Blank Slate I ended up with a very successful 150 bushel corn crop.  Year 2 closed with a very surprising 150 bushel corn crop.  Some would say that I didn’t progress at all from year 1 to year 2.  They would be wrong.  Here are some successess.

1. Soil test levels of fertility are up.  How can that be with the low-rate Liquid program I’m using?

2. Crop health throughout the season (even through the hail) was very good – that wasn’t the case on this piece of ground for a long time.

3. I couldn’t see over the top of my corn in July (before the hail) – where in year 1 my corn got 5 to 6 feet tall, last year it was about 9 feet tall even on the hillsides.

This year, we got the field planted May 9th.  We’re using Stine 9207 as the lead hybrid with Stine 9206 as our refuge corn.  More details and pictures to follow.



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