Jun 172011

I got a chance to do a little traveling to some exotic destinations since my last blog post: St. Louis and Indianapolis. I learned a lot and saw some interesting things. One thing I hadn’t done before is travel to the welding shop where our tile plow was built. Here’s a picture of a couple plows waiting to be painted. Sorry for the picture, Denny, where you’re “in action” explaining how the whole process works.

Here’s a better picture with the finished product. The day we were at the shop in Indiana, a load of tile plows shipped out headed for a number of farms in South Dakota. Pretty cool!

Today was spray day on the Blank Slate. Actually yesterday kind of was as well. My neighbor, Jim, is probably wondering what all the commotion is. Here’s the scoop.

Yesterday we sidedressed some additional nitrogen on the field. We put another 50 pounds of N on in the form of some High NRG-N. We used drag hoses and surface applied it in between the rows. We caught a real light shot of rain, 0.2 inches, which should be about perfect.

Today, the field dried up nicely with a light breeze and some sunshine. We are running with 1.5 ounces of Laudis + 22 ounces of Roundup PowerMax for broadleaf control. We’re also adding in 2.5 ounces of Stratego YLD fungicide for disease control and maximum plant health going into some critical growth stages. The Stratego YLD showed up very well in on farm trials last year providing a good ROI and a positive yield boost. My corn this morning was at the V4 to V5 stage, which should be perfect timing.

There were a couple little areas where the soil conditions weren’t ideal for planting when we did. However, I thought they were awfully close. Turns out I was a little too biased. Those areas were too muddy, and the result was a nice crust that the corn had a tough time pushing through. I haven’t walked the field myself this week, so I haven’t done a stand count. When my long-time co-worker, Andy, was sidedressing the field yesterday he estimated the stand in those couple of acres to be a half of a stand. It’s getting late to try to replant those areas, and I really don’t want to rip up good crop alongside as I’m trying to do it so we’ll just ride it out this year and see what we get.


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  1. We need our chances of rain to stay away and let things dry up a bit. Beans especially are needing sprayed. Corn is near canopy now.

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