May 102011

Well, rain spoiled my plans once again. Seems to be the theme for the 2011 season to this point. We got about 0.85″ of rain, which is enough to saturate the soils in the two main valleys of the field. It’s just not worth turning around a whole bunch of times while trying to get 80% of the field planted. If that doesn’t sound too bad to you, consider that we’d have to run over a good share of what we planted the first time trying to fill in the unplanted strips later. No thanks. We’ll just wait and hope for better weather.

Our planter is running on some well-drained soybean ground today and for the rest of the week. Perhaps the middle of next week we’ll get back to corn planting. We have 3 fields of corn to plant and the Blank Slate is number 1 on the list.

For some reason I can’t get the picture to upload on Blogger, so you’ll have to visit to take a look.


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  1. Plan B also here Darren. 12-13 inche of rain since April 1 here on most of our farms but one got a five incher the other night and that makes 19 inches there! Got a corn plot planted and that's about it around here. Wheat going backwards. Oh well, that's farming! I posted a link to NewAgTalk about your tiling in crop video. Best Wishes!

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