By Brian Hefty I don’t care if we’re talking small grains or soybeans, if you have 12-inch rows or smaller you need tramlines!  Here’s what tramlines are and what they can do for you. Tramlines have been used successfully for decades in ultra-narrow row crops by simply diverting seed from two rows to the rows [...]


By Darren Hefty Conditions were just right (or wrong, depending on how you look at it) for the development of Northern Corn Leaf Blight (NCLB) this year in the heart of the Corn Belt.  Whether you had NCLB or would just like to protect yourself from it, I’ll highlight some management practices to increase your [...]


By Brian Hefty A few months ago, I was very concerned about the overall fungicide market.  Here’s what I mean by that.  We’ve applied fungicides in corn, soybeans, and wheat for years, but in order to continue using these products, we need a good return on investment.  With falling commodity prices and the fact that [...]


By Darren Hefty Do you think the general public would be scared of farmers using “natural” products for crop protection?  Highly unlikely, right?  What about “biological” products?  There’s a little more skepticism with that word.  The terminology we use in agriculture is so important because well over 99 percent of the population has no idea [...]


By Brian Hefty There are a lot of new product names this year in crop protection, but here is my Top 10 list: Xanthion – Headline plus Integral bio-fungicide for use in-furrow in corn.  For around $10 per acre we are expecting 5 to 7 bushel yield gains in corn. DiFlexx – This is basically [...]


By Darren Hefty There are a couple themes we’re hearing loud and clear at our winter workshops so far this year.  First, farmers are working to make the best business decisions on which expenses to cut and which on-farm investments to make for 2015.  Second, farmers are working to fine-tune their fertility programs, most notably [...]


By Brian Hefty Be honest with yourself.  How much do you actually know about soils?  Try taking this quick quiz. How do you convert parts per million to pounds per acre on a soil test? If you have 3% organic matter in your soil, how many free nutrients will come available for your crop this [...]


Quick answer…YES, BIOTECH CROPS ARE AS NUTRITIOUS OR MORE NUTRITIOUS. Here’s my story and some data. Misinformation in agriculture is rampant, and even ag businesses are mistakenly contributing to the problem. A few weeks ago, I got an e-mail from an ag business, and toward the bottom of the e-mail, this is what was included. [...]


By Brian Hefty Anytime you raise a grass crop like wheat or corn, grass control is more difficult than broadleaf control, and grass weeds can take a huge chunk of your yield if left uncontrolled for even a short period of time. I know you want to cut costs, but do not do that at [...]


By Brian Hefty Odds are, in the last few months you’ve talked about cutting expenses on your farm. If you are truly serious about that, let’s start with your biggest expense: fertilizer! The only problem is, how do you know what to cut and what not to cut? That’s where we can help. I hate [...]

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