By Brian Hefty

If you visited the Grain PhD tent and Morton Center presentations at the Ag PhD Field Day July 27th, thank you! It was a perfect way to launch the Grain PhD platform.

Grain-Phd-Logo-2000pxWe realize that you face many different risks but price risk is often top of mind. The notion of selling crops at a less than profitable level can be a constant concern. The mission of Grain PhD is to help you manage risks that are inherent to your business.

“We will provide individual analysis, consultation and marketing plans that can enhance your cash marketing decisions and save time. It is our intention to reduce the stress of marketing through education and discipline”, said Scott Harms of Archer Financial Services, an affiliated Grain PhD risk specialist.

As part of Grain PhD, we are able to provide you with a FREE GrainBridge account. GrainBridge is a cutting-edge software platform that provides you a convenient, comprehensive way to organize and manage your production costs and price risk. The platform was created by producers for producers. It is easy to use and gives you simple tools and information to manage your business and risk more efficiently and confidently.

The Ag PhD radio program will feature a weekly Grain PhD segment, where we’ll go over grain marketing education. There is also a Grain PhD website, and you can call in or send an email to to ask the experts about your cash marketing and risk management questions. If your question is not featured on the radio show, we will still contact you with an answer.

To sign up for your FREE GrainBridge software or to get your questions answered, go to, email, or call 844-GRAIN-01.