By Brian Hefty

Should I be cutting seed traits on corn and switching to Liberty, Xtend, or Enlist in soybeans?  How can I cut expenses in 2017 and still yield well?  Which input expenses are just that – expenses?  Which inputs are still great investments at lower commodity prices?  These are the big questions going into next year, and we’ll answer them at our free Ag PhD Agronomy Workshops!

  • Our topics will vary depending on the location and the crops and pest issues in that area, but here are some of the things we’ll be discussing:
  • What did we learn from last summer’s Ag PhD Field Day plots featuring yield champs in corn, soybeans, and wheat
  • 2016 Ag PhD and farmer research plot summaries
  • New pesticides & seed traits for 2017, including Xtend (and new dicamba herbicides), Enlist, and more
  • Which input expenses to cut vs. which to keep
  • Resistance issues – weeds, diseases, insects
  • Suggested pest control programs for 2017 in corn, soybeans, wheat, sunflowers, cotton, rice, lentils, field peas, canola, and pastures
  • How can I repeat or improve on this past year’s good yields in corn, soybeans, and wheat
  • Disease control/suppression for some of the worst problems we saw in 2016 including Northern Corn Leaf Blight, white mold, sudden death syndrome, pod & stem blight, and fusarium head blight
  • Cover crops – blends to maximize yields and potential disadvantages & benefits
  • iPhone & iPad apps you need

At the conclusion of most of our workshops, we will be broadcasting our one-hour daily Ag PhD Radio Show live from our workshop venue.  We invite you to join us for this and ask questions during the show.  We will be giving away free Ag PhD merchandise during the radio show.

Please pre-register online at for any of our workshops or clinics.  Pre-registering means when you arrive we can get you more quickly through the line and into the meeting.  We really appreciate it if you can pre-register as early as possible so we have enough agronomy books, food, and seats for everyone.  Also, please arrive early for a better parking spot, pre-show trivia, and the best seats.  Thank you, and we look forward to seeing you this winter!!