By Brian Hefty

From now through September 21, 2012 you can pick up Roundup PowerMAX at any of our stores, and your net cost could be FREE! No kidding. Talk to any of our agronomists for the official rules to the program, but simply put, here’s how it works.

  1. Pay for your Hefty Brand Soybean seed by Sept. 21. You need to order at least 1 bag each of 3 different numbers, and you can switch varieties later if you would like to.
  2. Divide the number of Hefty Brand Soybeans you paid for by 6. That’s the number of gallons of PowerMAX you can pick up by Sept. 21 for just $5.82 per gallon.
  3. As long as you purchase the right pre-emerge herbicide (this could include Valor, Authority MTZ, Warrant, Authority Assist, Gangster, or possibly others) anytime between now and next spring, you’ll get a rebate back from Monsanto that will be $5.82 per gallon on PowerMAX or MORE! In other words, you’ll pay $5.82 up front, but you’ll get from $5.82 to $17.46 back later on, making your net cost for PowerMAX zero OR LESS!

If you’ve never planted Hefty Brand Soybeans before, we have lots of yield data to prove that our beans will yield as well or better than any other brand out there. Our beans also have great disease tolerance, if you select our defensive bean lines. We realize that getting free Roundup is great, but you’ve got to have soybeans that provide the best return on investment possible, especially with soybean prices where they are today. Our agronomists can help you match up our numbers to your soils so you aren’t just getting the best yielder from 50 miles away… you’re getting something that will work well on your farm with your fields.

Before you buy soybeans anywhere else, check with us and learn how you, too, can receive free Roundup for your farm! Between the free Roundup and putting the right soybean varieties in each of your fields, 2013 could be your most profitable year ever for soybeans!